Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Areas do you serve?
A: We serve all of Canada and will sell anywhere in the world.

Q: Do all sales have to be in Canadian currency?
A: No you can pay us in any currency. We will do the currency conversion to give you the amount due in your local currency.

Q: Do you sell boat insurance?
A: No, I’m sorry, we do not sell boat insurance.

Q: Can I hire a captain to deliver my new boat?
A: Yes, that is one of our services. We will deliver your boat to anywhere you wish with a very experienced captain, weather permitting.

Q: Can a boat be delivered in the U.S. by truck and trailer?
A: Yes some boats can be delivered on a trailer, depending on the width of the boat and its destination. Some boats may not be moved on narrow roads or where hydro lines may cross the road and be too low.

Q: Do you speak French?
A: Yes I speak French very well, and my staff will also be capable of speaking French. Please feel free to contact us in French anytime.

Q: How long are contracts for?
A: Usually a contract is for a year and you can not sell to a buyer presented to you by us for another year without paying the required commission; but this can be changed if needed. If you find a buyer on your own the commission is reduced or no commission is charged, depending on how long your have listed with us.


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